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A happily married Asian woman, born and raised in a culturally strict country, is tempted to risk her marriage after being a faithful wife for many years. What will happen if you give this woman a "Free Pass"? Will she take this opportunity or will it improve her marriage?


This game is entirely free. But each update will only be available early to our patrons and subscribers. After that, the game will be made available for free on this website.

If you want to help me out, you could sign up for my Patreon or SubscribeStar. Many thanks!

Please post here anything you'd like to see in the next game update.




Incest Patch for Free Pass Reboot  is a modified and tweaked version of Alley_Cat 's original one.

Updated 5 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Mar 21, 2021
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAfter Choices
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tags3D, Adult, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Multiple Endings, Photorealistic, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


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v 1.17 [Reboot] [MEGA] (Patched)
v 1.17 [Reboot] [MEGA] (Patched)
v 1.17 [Reboot] [MEGA] (Patched)
Patch [v1.17] {Created by Anonymous} 3 kB

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okay I like it  but I was hoping to see more Yooniko and Sedkkoon of  thsee two having hot sex


The reboots... Not bad. But, the stories all over the place. As much as I like it, the original is definitely the best.


I agree. Original is better


I love the reboot


So, I gotta say, I agree with most people's opinion here. I really hope you guys go back to the original one. The characters look irritating as hell, and I have no idea what's going on. And since the art style really isn't my taste, there is little reason for me to keep going. Here's hoping we'll get an upgrade for the true game soon


Anyone know where we can download the original version? It was my favorite game and I made the mistake of updating with the reboot :(

Deleted 28 days ago

The Old Original Game Version 0.562 Is the BEST adult game FOREVER, I do love Michelle and Jasmine, and I hope your guys can finish it when your get time freedom, I have supported you guys on Patreon with several accounts but, anyway like that dude commenting beneath,that's your games eventually.


really not a fan of the [reboot], but maybe I'll think differently when more work is done. 

Man..I just a little disappointed sorry..I was really loved in old Asian Faced yoon. Now yoon is really different And story too.But i love the art.Its wonderful to look at.Keep Going.Still with u!


The old original game is the BEST adult game EVER, and my beloved old Yoon is the most beautiful woman in all games.


Hello there, everyone. I'm aware that things have gotten a little out of hand, and I'm reconsidering things in view of the patreon vote. I will keep you informed of the game's decision.



I'd say it's best to go back to version 0.562 with the original art,story, engine and characters and pretend the reboot never happened. The faces in the new art look like dolls or under a heavy fake filter. It's just not pleasant.

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I thought you meant rebooting free pass would be changing the game play... but you completely change the whole story n made the main character older...it seems bad now...it would be good if the story line was the same n included her brother him knowing she took free pass.


I really like the original but I'm really not liking the reboot.  The story,characters and art all feel like a downgrade. Hopefully you will continue the original game.


ihave two questions:

1 - why do i have to choose only yoon's brother's name and not yoon's own name? since she is the main protagonist

2 - will there be gay content too to be fair with the lesbian content?

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Dear Sir,         Is this a new story for Yoon or a complete new game with some of the same characters, because it is not updating what we already have reached in 0.562 update , in which Yoon had her own house and in very very good relationship with Zoey, Jasmine and Michelle, and already asked daniel for divorce.

any femdom in this game and character name, please?


Hi, I am a big fan of your work, I would love to be able to support your work on patreon, but at the moment I am having financial difficulties and can not, but I intend to as soon as things improve.

I would like to say that I loved your work on free pass, I loved the characters, the story, and I thought the way you approach some of the topics was very good.

And I would also like to say that I love Yoon Ni Ko, Jasmine and Sukkhon, I love their friendship and relationship. I would love to see an ending where they form a throuple, but of course you are the developer and the creative vision is yours.

So that's it, I just came to thank you for the amazing game you made and ask you not to please end the friendship of these amazing characters.

I haven't played Kathoey yet but I'm excited to start. 

I apologize for my bad English, I am Brazilian, so English is not my first language and I am still learning. 

The best adult game EVER

is this finished? on hiatus? or dropped?

Followed the downloading guide but still unable to open my downloaded files. Unzipping doesnt work.


When will be the next update of this game bro? 

amazing game!

would like gallery please :) 

I agree as it would give reason to play another route. Great game so far.

I love playing the game but cant seem to get any Zoe scenes except the pool party, can anyone let me know what i need to do to get them.

if I remember correctly you have to go to the party and fool around with her there then it should open up another route

Loved the new update and I'm glad there is now an option for Yoon during the bachelorette party.  Also thank you for pointing out Zoe and Yoon's inexperience with BDSM and the fact that need to do some research. 

Hi, I just came back here after some time. In the options there is a Normal / Hard (this one striked). What does it mean (it is in normal or in hard mode)? I can not change the selection.

Hey, when the new update of free pass coming?

I am using the Mac client. I installed the Walkthrough Mod by Joker just fine and the game ran great with the points gained or lost displayed with the choices.

But then I went to start a new game to do different choices. And now the mod doesn't display the points gained lost anymore for this new game.

If I load a save of my original game, the walkthrough guidance is there for that game.

To test what's going on, I copied the entire game folder to a save location. Then I redownloaded both the game zip file and Walkthrough file from Itch.  I tried installing the mod in the new fresh game copy and now I can't get it to work!  So weird!  Is there some settings file saved in system files somewhere on Mac that I need to reset?   Or does the Walkthrough mod only apply to one game once?  Any advice much appreciated!

I'm so excited for the next version.... Also glad you added the trans content! Please tell me she's gonna come back to Yoon though??

I can't even download this one. Most on this site download as zip-files. This one downloads as something else and won't play on my pc

use 7-zip to extract the files from the .rar

new update doesn't have sound? Is it can anyone tell me?

please tell me how to go to billiard scene just like some of the screenshots on this page, please tell me how to make it happen. i have played 2 times now.

Hello, you have to dance with DJ at the house party on day 2. Secondly, you should dance with him at the club on day 64.


I haven't played the game in a really long time due to personal problems and today I got back to it after a long time. Can you please tell me how is the Walkthrough version different from regular version?

hi...how i want to get house party event?


Hi, can I ask you something? what is incest patch and how can I play it on android? Thank you for the game btw, really enjoyed it! 

Hello, for android, you don't need to install it separately as you are playing a (patched) version. Thank you so much for playing it.


Can you but in the game a Skip to any chapter you want to play because it's Annoying to start from the beginning every time you play the game.

And Thank you.

You can save the game anywhere you want. And play from that point you have saved. Hope it helps. Adding a skip button will confuse the game as making choices are a big part of the programming to shape the games with variables.


Will there be no update for kathoey?

There will be one in a few weeks or sooner. Sorry for the delay in development as I was moving to another country.

I have been playing this game for 2 days and haven't finished, and I like it. There are some bad moments ngl because I feel like the storyline is a bit of a mess, maybe of the pacing and sudden twist or turn, but I feel there's room for improvement.

Hello, thank you very much for playing. We will try our best to improve it.

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Yo! i really loved this game and this is my first adult game that i played since age 18 above.This game charmed me to play more man this is fanatic.BTW i would like to know the Developer is from Myanmar? I saw a com that ur hometown haven't get enough electricity.I assuming that u are from Myanmar 🤔.

and this update was last? no more about this asian girl yoon i really fall in love with her haha

Hello, we are a team. Thank you so much for playing. Now the latest public update has been released. Hope you have enjoyed it.


Man this was a good game. Also please add some more Michelle scenes

Hello, thank you so much for playing. Yes, there is Michelle's event in the latest update.


This is a cool game. Many players like your game in China, but they are discouraged because of their limited English level. Would you like to add a Chinese translation to the game later

Hello, yes there are lots of patrons from China who subscribe to our patreon. As much as I want to increase our range to China, sadly, I don't know the Chinese language. And neither one of our team does. Hopefully, someone from China helps us. Thank you so much.

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First off, this is a pretty cool game.  I really like the different paths and characters, however there are some issues(mostly minor) that really bug me. 

The House Party: aside from the pointless mini games, it's the option to Drink More that doesn't make sense. It goes nowhere.  No matter how much she drinks, the outcome is the same.  Why even have the option? 

The Montages: we see her becoming more confidant and self assured, only to have her go back to being shy and timid when the story resumes. 

The Club, this is only here, because we see what happens when she drinks too much it just makes the option at the house party make even less sense. 

The Runaway Bride: I did not like this update,  I tried to , but I just couldn't get into it. It felt forced and like you were trying to hard to do a Bridesmaids/ Bad Moms type scenario, with an out of nowhere sex scene that doesn't fit the character; on any path. 

Overall I enjoy the game, but I would like to see a little more consistency with the character.  I look forward to the next update. 


Drinking more at the house party before taking a break does have an affect. You see a montage of the other party goers before hiding in the closet.

After the confidence montage she seems a bit more confident but only in certain situations.

The club is to show that she becomes open to the idea of the free pass because she believes her husband is cheating.

The bride content does seem a Lil disconnected in some ways (some of the dialog doesn't seem consistent with how Yoon usually speaks)but overall it was fun.

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